Summer's hem. The moon, a swelling. Too, bullfrog throats, vibrating
across the slick green bay. Full low like a plump lip jug pressing. At night,
this side of things is settled without the memory of ache. Even the
shallows are pregnant. Slow fish, the terrapin's slide. In the trees, a ladder
to nowhere. A fire for the color of it, the air warmer than smoke. A
cupping, an ease, a drifting you want to pocket.

Past midnight, the crescent of green water holds, tongue warm. The boat
green, the shore grass green. Flute green the swamp reeds. Green the
unseen frogs, the firefly pulse. Beneath the mouth of a moonbright sky,
sway. Split green, the moment before a song. A song, green, silt green in
the lungs.

Uncle Joey R.I.T.ano 2021
35mm, Digital Collage
Mariquita “Micki” Davis @marimick
In memory of Joey Patrick Toves familian "Kotla". Beloved son, brother, uncle, friend and caregiver. 1/27/1960-8/7/2020

Low Mountain Lake Song 2018
Inside Me an Island
Lehua M. Taitano @lehua_m._taitano
Low Mountain Lake Song from Inside Me an Island by Lehua Taitano, published in 2018 by WordTech Imprint, Cincinnati, Ohio

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