nomadic nomenclature
      nomenculture, no men culture. 
those who wander, summon the birds’ 
      sound track, their feet grounded like 
stones thrown into a body of water, liquid  
      a construct that swallows surfaces, states 
of matter, become: Footling. the wind caresses  
      your hair against your, parting  
is such sweet swallow. we wallow in blood until 
      it evaporates downwards into the soil, where 
thoughts flock to escape the mind, humble leaves  
      exit the mouth of a herbivore, de- 
compose the decaying inside the cave  
      we crave the day, cadere = to fall 
cadere, cadaver, fall down, fall down 
      advice the inverse, grow out of nothingness 
like blooming bodies in space 

Der Auszug
190cm x 220cm
Öl und Acryl auf Nessel Kerstin Serz @kerstinserz

The Opposite of Madness
Lucille Mona Ling

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